Bar Rodin + Duvel


On the first day there was Duvel. A gift to Bar Rodin they wanted to make.
When HIER began to design the benches and the bars— the courtyard was without straight floor, and it was dark over the night— HIER said: Let there be also light.
Let there be an aisle of benches leading to the two symmetrical bars on the two sides of the entrance hall.
Let the benches be made out of lines, forcing the perspective into the Holy middle. And let those lines rest on stone. Or concrete.
Let the D’s of DUVEL be symmetrical too. With one mirroring the other.
Let them be embossed in the concrete.
Let the concrete be flexible, be smart, and adapt to the levelled floor.
And on the last day, there came people. They celebrated. And stained.
A mark of use.

Some pictures are from Eline Willaert

Bar Rodin HIER__Photo Eline Willaert_1.jpg
HIER_Bar Rodin_Photo Eline Willaert_51.jpg
Bar Rodin HIER__Photo Eline Willaert_47.jpg
Bar Rodin HIER__Photo Eline Willaert_6.jpg
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