MAD LAB - The galvanised era

And MAD LAB said: 'Let there be galvanised!'

MAD LAB, funded by the public sector, is an incubator for young designers in Brussels.
Now, MAD LAB and its residents occupy the 13th and last floor of the highest social housing tower in Rue Haute, Brussels, Belgium, Europe, Earth.

MAD Lab_Sceno_HIER_Photo Eline Willaert_6.jpg

Formerly a daycare for the building, the space is a succession of pool blue tiled studios, separated by glass walls, with windows surrounding from all sides, looking at Brussels. 

This floor needed deep cleaning, the holes patching, the studios privacy, and the whole, a touch of non clinical lighting and a spread of green.

MAD LAB had to stamp its presence there. Refurbish while occupying. This new era, marked by the metallic, is referred to as the galvanised era. 

Pictures by Eline Willaert

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