Culture Market

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In times of need. In times of lack of time. We do reuse ideas from our library.  If not “owned” or bespoke to another story. If it is justified.

Culture Market is an event that brings together art institutions from the Brussels region to meet and be able to present themselves to a wider public. Everything happened at the Halles Saint-Géry.

The event needed a display system that is eco-conscious, easily assembled, flexible, with a reasonable budget, and a fast production. On one hand a brand new design phase was going to affect the unchangeable deadline. On the other hand, the structural system we had developed for 1000 Lira w Lira was completely suitable for this project, so why redesign in this case?

We replicated the structure. Tweaked it. And assigned a new surface to it. With a material that fits better the colours of the story of this particular project.